Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sewing Again

It's been 35 years since I finished my last sewing class in college. I loved sewing so much that I bought a new Viking machine immediately after college, before I got my first teaching job.

Since then, I've sewed off and on, but not with the heartfelt devotion I dreamed of having each time I sat down to sew. I wanted to create-design my own patterns, use different combinations of fabrics, unusual bits and pieces of trims. However, I usually only had time to repair, resize, and replace buttons on garments.

This winter's colder than usual weather has driven me inside the last 4 months. Allison is in kindergarten for 3 hours a day. Now, I have some free moments. So I've chosen to sew. I've three valentine dresses for Allison! How silly, it seems, that I'd make so many. Yet, all the different heart fabrics were so fascinating to put together. I also think those hearts indicate the joy I feel about sewing again. It's given me a new mind focus beyond my typical thought patterns: relationships, curriculum development, teaching, and gardening. Like being a middle aged parent shocked me into an amazing reality with Allison; sewing draws me along a colorful path of design. Best of all, Allison loves wearing her mom-made clothes.

Reflection: How our brains still yearn to learn!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello out there!

This is my first attempt at blogging. I'm confused by all the hints and help posted all over the place. I wish the program worked according to the way I think. To add to my confusion, Allison still wants more to eat for dinner. She's already eaten enough for several starving kids. I give her apple pieces. She's content. Back to learn about blogs.

Woops, Bruce just came home and doesn't know what's cooking for him. I tell him it's in the oven. Yes, he's found the chicken and rice noodles I made a couple hours ago. Bang... the oven door's closed. Smack... the food's on the kitchen counter. Scoop...plop, plop... food's on a plate. Kitchen's quiet, Cooper Anderson is on TV. Bruce must have found a fork and is eating now. Back to learning about blogs.

Allison just came in and wants to listen to the Moffat Family audio CD while she eats her apples.
I put on the CD for her. Back to learn about blogging.
Bruce is going for a walk and Allison wants to be held to see what I'm doing. Stop for a moment to hold her. That's it for now, "Can I play dolls?" "Yes." Two minutes later, she's back here setting a wet doll on my open dictionary telling me, "Doesn't she look clean, now?" "Yes, get a towel to dry her," as I hold the drippy doll over the floor instead of my favorite dictionary.
Back to bogging blogging.
5 minutes later, "Mom, I'm ready for bed. Please stop, NOW." "OK," I say. She's in her room now. Time for me to accept blogging will be better learned another day.

Reflection: Whenever you want to learn something new, the time or place is often wrong, but the attempt is usually gallant.

Hugs and happiness,