Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello out there!

This is my first attempt at blogging. I'm confused by all the hints and help posted all over the place. I wish the program worked according to the way I think. To add to my confusion, Allison still wants more to eat for dinner. She's already eaten enough for several starving kids. I give her apple pieces. She's content. Back to learn about blogs.

Woops, Bruce just came home and doesn't know what's cooking for him. I tell him it's in the oven. Yes, he's found the chicken and rice noodles I made a couple hours ago. Bang... the oven door's closed. Smack... the food's on the kitchen counter. Scoop...plop, plop... food's on a plate. Kitchen's quiet, Cooper Anderson is on TV. Bruce must have found a fork and is eating now. Back to learning about blogs.

Allison just came in and wants to listen to the Moffat Family audio CD while she eats her apples.
I put on the CD for her. Back to learn about blogging.
Bruce is going for a walk and Allison wants to be held to see what I'm doing. Stop for a moment to hold her. That's it for now, "Can I play dolls?" "Yes." Two minutes later, she's back here setting a wet doll on my open dictionary telling me, "Doesn't she look clean, now?" "Yes, get a towel to dry her," as I hold the drippy doll over the floor instead of my favorite dictionary.
Back to bogging blogging.
5 minutes later, "Mom, I'm ready for bed. Please stop, NOW." "OK," I say. She's in her room now. Time for me to accept blogging will be better learned another day.

Reflection: Whenever you want to learn something new, the time or place is often wrong, but the attempt is usually gallant.

Hugs and happiness,


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  1. Good job friend!!
    Love the photo---good memories of Sand Lake!

    Missuz C